How do I get over a past relationship?

Together for 3 years it didn't end very well basically i turned out to be the worst friend and boyfriend in her words because i wasn't able to keep up with her high maintenance antics. I had to keep her on my mind 24/7 or else she would get mad or think i was going away from her... now its six months out of the breakup... im still reeling from everything, i not only want but need to get better.. Guys and girls are free to answer. Please help


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  • dude, you got used! dont get over it, learn from it and never look back. that person wasn't you, that person was HER man. in a relationship, a couple must grow together and one doesn't out weigh the other. you love , think, do things for her because you want to, not because you have to. consider yourself lucky, i know id be feeling luck if i just got out of jail. best of luck my friend


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  • let's analyse this it was a controlling type wtf, find another girl who would treat u as a man not a sex toy

  • She never treated you right!


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