How to break it off with someone you love?

I need to break it off with my boyfriend because things aren't going well at all. If its not one thing its another. I can't do this anymore. Its so hard because I love him so much but i know it's for the best. Some people told me to just lose all contact, not to even tell him it's over. But I think losing all contact with no explanation is pretty childish. Just my opinion. Unless im wrong... anways, any ideas... please help


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  • Those people that tell you to just lose contact don't know what they are talking about. If they think that's ok then they are heartless, mindless people with little compassion who shouldn't even be friends in the first place.
    Thank you for at least caring about your boyfriend. Just tell him the truth and make sure he knows that you care for him and keep contact with him still (a lot) cause he'll know that you still care for him and even if not at first he'll be heart broken and angry, he'll soon come to appreciate that fact you care for him cause he'll realise you could of done worse.

    • Thanks... I think ill take ur advice.

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  • Don't lose all contact with no explanation. I was in a relationship like this. We got along so well at first. But then little things started changing. He thought everything was fine, but it was me that was unhappy. Eventually, I had to face the facts. I told him the truth. He tried to make me change my mind. He tried to convince me that it would work. But don't back down. If your gut is saying "this is wrong... I'm unhappy", then stay true to that. Don't let him change your mind. Things will only get worse. Yes, you love him... but sometimes it is best to let someone we love go before things get much worse

    • Thank you... I know I have to do this.

    • Unless he's very convincing. No point not listening to what the other person has to say but if you know he's not gonna chang then I can understand.

    • The problem is, he's always convincing.

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  • You have to tell him. Be a grown up and face your problems. Anyone who just cuts off all contact has no heart.

    • I believe that is true.

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  • Face the music and fess up. The quicker you rip the band aid off, the milder the pain. Sometimes you have to grow apart before you can grow together.


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