Does she really miss me and want me or is she just playing with me?

Okay, well my ex and I split up 7 weeks ago.. About 2 weeks ago she made first contact saying that she missed me and still wanted me.. Even though she wished we could go back to the way we were, we couldn't!
She started asking all these questions and bringing up memories, the past and said she thought about me alot.. Then started fishing to see if i was seeing anyone and what feelings did i have for her still? Then she all of a sudden went quiet, so i just got on with things..
She then sent me a message saying i walked past her, not noticing her and that i looked good in what i was wearing. Also that she still missed me and wanted me, but why didn't i tell her how i felt? We messaged a few times and she then came out with she'd had amazing sex with someone else. I just replied, good for you and hope he was upto standard of what we got upto? She didn't respond and then changed the subject.
She then messaged me about a pic on FB saying i looked amazing and so happy..
Tonight she saying that she would see me, but could only be friends and knew that it wouldn't be an option for me! I just replied yeh it wouldn't and i then admitted that i still missed her aswell. She then said at least it was better late than never! and because i didn't act like i did, eventually she was going to move on.
Now she's saying she's now only missing me as a friend and nothing more, but me opening up is a little to late! If i ever wanted to be friends then let her know.. But nothing else!
Really could do with some help?


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  • She still wants to be friends and is willing to tell you ask the deets.. ugh that'd tick me off. If I had a prior relationship and then moved on, I may discuss that I'm seeing someone else but I wouldn't add salt to a wound by giving away the juicy details. Sounds spiteful.. she may be lying or exaggerating :T


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  • She's playing games. she's pissed you didn't jump back into her arms. If she truly missed/loved you she'd give you time to figure stuff out. She's tryin to make a power play, bro. I'd say stay the course; she'll eventually text again. Question is, she worth it?


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  • she's trying to keep you close and she's keeping an eye on you. In case if it doesn't work out with the guy she's with she's gonna crawl back to you. Its her own mind game. Ignore her itll drive her insane


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