Is it possible to break up with your boyfriend because its a long distance relationship?

My boyfriend and I went our for like 2 months and we live in separate countries. So, to me I don't really do well with long distance relationships. When he calls he wants me to call because he doesn't have any credits to call me. I don't really believe in long distance relationships and I'm not comfortable being in a long distance relationship. I want him to be here with him, and that I'm tired of talking on the phone and texting long distance msgs. So, I am thinking of ending our relationship because who knows if he's sleeping with other girls that lives close to his area.


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  • of course it's possible, what would make you think it's not possible to break up with someone for almost any reason.
    The question is do you want to end the relationship or not? And is the relationship worth saving?


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  • I'm also in a LDR and yes, trust is most important in this kind of relationship.

    If you think LDR isn't for you, I think it's best you end it right now while it's still new (since it's only been 2 months) instead of waiting longer/stringing him along.

    Good luck!

    • (This is geared toward the OP) Adding onto what you had Miss_Behave, I was also in a LDR for a year and a half. If this guy you're talking about truly loves you and isn't really doing the things you're saying, then I recommend breaking up. It's only worth it when BOTH parties are willing to go to the moon and back for eachother.

      If you're unsure about your LDR, the longer you go, the more your boyfriend will hurt.

      Conversely, if you truly love him and he's really special to you, hold on the best you can because he could be the one for you. I also recommend taking this advice if there are plans for you two to be together indefinitely in the future. Good luck :)

    • @WOrtiz13 I agree with what you said! It's a tough kind of relationship but if they're really special, it'd be good to hold on.

      For my guy and I, we've acknowledged to each other so many times that the distance is so difficult and wished we were closer BUT we're doing it because of that special genuine connection we have with each other, which is so priceless, and also because we both feel we're worthwhile to each other :)

    • Gosh I'm so happy for you. You two are truly lucky. My ex was truly special. I loved her more than the definition of love. I wanted to hold on, but she just couldn't anymore. We're both currently in college in different states and she just couldn't stand not being in my arms. There was also no timeframe for when we could be together. I was her first true love as well. I was a super boyfriend. I'd visit her multiple times a month.. She was 4 hours away.

      What is truly sad now is that she's moved on. She's dating another guy. It's been almost a month since we last talked. I initiated the conversation. I think she's forgotten about me 😕. I pray that we can be friends at the very least in the future. I would hope to be more, but as I saw online somewhere, "if you have to choose between someone else or me, please don't pick me" because I want to be your first and only option. Sorry for the somewhat rant lol. It still bothers me.. 8 months later. You can say I still haven't moved on...

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  • Well, yeah. That's the cause of a lot of break ups.


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  • At the end of the day it's all about trust. yeah, there are always gg to be times where you'll have doubts and overthinking shit. I'm in ldr and i know how it feels. It's honestly tiring to keep thinking about this. Have a D&M with him though , communicate that he needs to put in effort too. I even doubt that my lond dist boyfriend may be in this relationship with me just to have sex. We both have mental illness, and u can imagine how fucken tough it is.

  • Long distance relationships challenge eachother's trust and loyalty. It's tough, but it all depends on how much you really like this guy


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