Ex came back five years later?

My ex and me had a terrible break up, when our relationship was good it was amazing, but when we were bad we were terrible. Anyways, we ended up breaking up and have went four years with no contact. Well he messaged me six months ago. He contacted me and then told me its not a good idea for us to talk and disappeared? Then he messaged me recently telling me how good I look and seeing how I was. I didn't respond right away, and he ended up blocking me. I am so confused as to why he's messaging me and doing that? Now he has disappeared again. It makes no sense to me. Is he just playing a game? I actually really cared about this boy, and still do. Is there any possibility of us being friends or anything else again. Can somebody explain his actions to me?


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  • No one can explain his actions but him... He could've been drunk for all you know and realized what he did later... It's probably best to ignore it.

    • drunk? it was three in the afternoon

    • If he wanted to talk or rekindle anything he wouldn't have blocked you.. It was for a reason.. A reason no one knows but him

    • it would be understandable if that happened one time but it keeps happening.

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  • hey! so basically my ex also msged me after 2 years and.. it was idk.
    we were friends and he complimented me too. i just took it and i actually loved his presence.
    our breakup was unsaid. we didn't break up because our relationship got so complicated that both of us left it without saying anything.
    we were friends, great friends infact. I was really comfortable with him as a friend. everything was going well but the.. i started liking him again. like SO MUCH that i told him. it turned out that he liked me back. we are together but it's long distance relationship but im gonna breakup coz i enjoyed when we were friends. it was less complicated though. so im saying is be friends with him. maybe he likes you and it hurts him because i said the same to my boyfriend because i thought he doesn't like me and not being with him hurt me.

    • he won't even talk to me though, like i messaged him after he blocked me.. and like it makes no sense... its been twice thats he's contacted me first then ignores me. im so confused.

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    • i am giving him space and not messaging. its just annoying that he keeps coming back after long amounts of time to message me to ignore me. i just find it ridiculous

    • i know plus i really don't like loosing friends.

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  • maybe sometimes he feels alone and that he misses you and want to reconnect with you see if you can be together again but then he feels tight again and thinks no i shouldn't talk to her.

  • Stay as far away from him as you can. He sounds like bad news.


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