We broke up, and seems that she has been seeing somebody for 3 months now?

We argued for 3 months before October, then it seemed to be ok, but I messed up a bit, and it destroyed every possibility to make things work. on the other hand, she seemed to date somebody for a while, and telling me that somebody will meet her at her place, thus I shouldnt, when I asked her out. We have been dating since april, and till July everything was running perfectly, but she did make me jealous once, and I did tell her ugly things once, since that time, she was testing me, making me jealous, and limitting the time we could date, being busy like all the time, she acted very flirty, then asking me how I like her, seemed like she was playing with me... made a statement that there is something wrong with me when I said that i am a virgin, causing me once to tell her how greatly i spent time with girl.. in the past... I feel that i messed up in dating, was needy and weak, at the same time she was driving me nuts, when saying ugly things... we slept together twice, but nothing happened - I didn't want to rush things, and she acted cold..., I think that also caused her to be nuts... I wonna to move on, but still think about her. wonna make conclusions about her, and want to forget her, but still miss her. For the first time i was like a man, then i completely lost myself, forgot about my aims, I was up to before her, on the other hand, learned a lot about women... please advice, how can I put myself back in place, as I dont think she will be back, and that i want that, even when i miss her...


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  • She doesn't sound like a nice or supportive person. If you lost your virginity to her then it's completely normal to feel attatched, we all have this experience and we learn from it then move on. Just remind yourself that you don't want to be with someonw who is immature and ridicules you.

    • the point is that - i didn't lose virginity to her

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    • I don't get how women can so casually call other women bitches

    • It's casual because I don't know her... and that's bitchy behaviour.

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