My ex gf is dating already?

She told me she wasn't talk to anyone and suddenly after not talking for a week, she posts things in fb "feeling in love".

I can't move on that fast. I can't fuck girls either cause I know it will haunt me later. I can't do anything just yet. No relationships I'm just not ready.

What do you guys think?


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  • Your ex is allowed to date whoever she wants! If she wants to date a lying, cheating arsehole, let her! There ain't nothing you can do about it. Even voicing your opinion to her about it would be a mistake because then it just shows that you can't move on from her. Even if you haven't yet, don't let her know that!! But honestly, the fact that you're so worried about this only proves that you still let her have power over you. Get your power back! Move on from this girl--whatever it takes! Worry about her, care about her if you must, but from a distance! She's no longer your priority; you are your own! :) good luck hun!

    • I got to stop worrying about her if i want to move on :/ you are right. Thank you for your support!

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  • experience tells me you have nothing to worry about all it means is that you have morals. try to look at her as the devil from now on! as that is all she is a heartless devil goodluck :)


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  • She is probably just trying to make you jealous. This is a dic* move, dont let her back into your life. Good for you for not jumping back in so soon. You need time to heal. But seriously move on. She sounds horrible

    • she is. I mean how could she do that :/ anyways i'll heal first before i get into another relationship. thank you :)

    • of course! best of luck

  • maybe its just a rebound relationship (not a real one)

    • I heard it was a guy who has cheated on girls. I'm pretty sure she knows that but she can't forgive me for little fights? :/

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