Why would a guy want to be friends after a break up?

My ex and I broke weeks ago and he still wants to be friends. I broke up with him then took it back cause I loved him. Then 4 days later he finally breaks up with me after not speaking.
We dated for 6 months and were friends for 2 years.

We text almost everyday after the break up (he initiates)
I told him I wanted to work things out
He said " I dont think its a good idea"
I said "Alright"

Then 5 days later he texts me
"Hey gorgeous"
Which Just throws me off.

I told him its best that we dont be friends.
He said "Im just fine with being friends" (How is that possible we just broke up)
He said "So your sweeping me under the rug" "So you need time?" "Ok just dont stop talking to me"

Having an ex around is messy and just kills any new relationship. I can't date with my ex still in the picture especially if he doent want to work it out. Why keep me as a friends his reason "Cause we care about each other".

Either he doesn't want to let go or he wants to date around and keep me in the picture. Thats not gonna work.


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  • guys always want to be in the good part
    We are the bad girls and they are the best
    They wanna be friends when for they the relationship was nothing and he thinks it doesn't hurt
    Just move on and respect yourself. If he did something wrong for you, why be her friend? You're friend of someone who hearts you?
    Remember that is true when someone says that someday you'll laugh about it. but I think you should not be friend of bad people how thinks that doesn't did anything wrong.
    Just one more thing: you're not making or show you're bad with the situation; you're show that you know what you deserve.
    Of course there are good gays: 1 in a million.


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