Do you think I was just a rebound?

I met this girl and we had an amazing connection pretty quickly. We texted and talked on Skype every day for a couple months. We talked about some really deep things and she put a lot of emotion into our interactions. We met for ghe first time and things just clicked and we had great sex. Our relationship officially started there. She said her family and friends have noticed that she is much happier in a relationship with me, than with her ex before me, which was like 6 months before me. She also said she was lucky to have me and that I don't know how amazing I am. We'd send eachother good morning/night texts every day. Our relationship ended after only 2 weeks. We were both sad, but she initiated it. She said it was because she has too much to think about at the moment (work, school, dying grandfather). Now that I think about it, I have this small fear that I was possibly a rebound for her ex-ex.

What do you think?


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  • From what you have said. Your not a rebound. Its stress that broke you two up. Give her time.


What Guys Said 1

  • dont worry bro move on she didn't deserve you dont let her dictate your life it's yours! goodluck :)


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