Gemini female cancer male breakup?

Where do I start I met this guy November of last year and up till recently in October we broke up. Well before out situation we lived together for the first 8 months of our relationship first six months he didn't have a job things were falling apart for him and I was there at first as a friend but then he fell in love as did I throughout the relationship we would argue about my self confidence and not being able to let got of my past relationship he treated me goos and did everything a man should to the point we almost got an apartment separately from the roomates. . Well things didn't go right and we had to move and we moved to las vegas I have never left the state so the adjustment was very hard. Dealing with the fact I have my whole family under kne roof and so on constantly with ther r opinions in had no privacy in October we broke he caught me on a website called tagged that I was just trying to make friends and a guy popped up in my inbox at the time kevin was slowly pulling away I admiy I started to loose who I was I didn't seem as happy and from what others have said I dont love myself nor do I respect myself because the fuy on tagged was talking about having sex with me and me being a gemini and lacking in attention I entertained that... with a simple lol and asking what well he saw it and broke up with me. We still live under the same roof and its my mothers house but he is done so far he's brought another female to meet my mother has selpt at a girls house twicw to exscape thatbhe met at work but I just want to no since he doesn't want to talk to me he said actions speak louder than words and work on myself is there hope for a relationship I mean I did hurt him but I've caught him in relationship sites to dating* but stopped when confronted how can I get him back because this new girl yes she's not a lady but she has he stuff together car job house and degree how can I compete have I lost him or is the love still there what do I do?


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  • The fact that you mention your astrological signs in the title leads me to assume that you're an idiot.


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  • I just. Good guy. I have a motto.
    " if you find you love two people, let the first one go, for you'd never had fallen for the second if you were supposed to be with them". - John Depp.


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  • I guess you have to see a psychatric cus you believe in stupid things are not exist and you just try to excuse your actions based on that

  • Just get over this dude, seriously.


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