Boyfriend did not want to soend bis birthday with me why?

My now ex since he started college always had an excuse for why he couldnt spend time with me or even come see me. He always spent time with his friends but not me since school started but befor college he treated me to everything. So when his birthday came he spent the day before his birthday with me but not the day of knowing i wanted to. He got mad at me bc i wanted to no why he didn't spend it with me. He told me he chilled at his house but i sooner found out he was out. What is going on why would he be so mean to me when i wanted to spend the day he came to earth smh..


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  • Probably had plans that he wanted to partake in that you were either the wrong gender or possibly not old enough to partake in. he spent the day before with you, and you Still want to spend his bday too?
    plus now you are coming off clingy and if you are not careful, thats going to cut down the amount of days and times he already spends with you.

    • Yea we broke up he treats me like crap for no reason when all i did was be there for him I don't know what i did for him to get mad at me.

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    • Yea... first time this ever happend like this in his first girlfriend an im his ( first)

    • consider it experience and move on...

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  • Don't worry fuck him he'll come back and u better not take him back!


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  • Probably because he wanted to break up then.

    • Yea we did an he did it in a nasty way.. saying we cool an laughing at me when i cried.

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