Should I just end it?

My ex and current boyfriend and I live w my parents. My ex and I dated 14-17 and my current I've dated 2012(18) to present. The situation isn't that bad. there's no beef or tension since it's 2014 and Jan. 2011 was a long time ago.
my ex also lives here because he thought it'd be a good idea to live in his car and my mom wouldn't allow it.
Anyway, both of them living here has taken its toll on me.
My ex is just messy and pulls no call no shows (my mom still refuses to kick him out)

My current used to be great until this long list:
-Forgets to flush? (Wtf and ew)
-Brings over 3 of his friends w out asking or telling me (Especially early in the morning)
-Overplays his ds pokemon. I understand playing everyday. But when I come home from work and you haven't even looked in my direction for hours. Not good feels.
-Messes up my room with lots if cups and his clothes all over the floor
-never tells me when he works
-when he babysits my puppy something of mine always ends up chewed up
The list goes on. We are all 20. Hahaja they need to get their shit together.
I have talked to my bf about EVERYTHING consistently. No progress. I sit him down and tell him and its like im talking to a wall. He just says sorry and then goes back to his ds. I don't even sound like im bitching when I talk to him about it. It's been like this the past year. Should I give up on this almost 3yr relationship?

There was also a time he convinced himself i cheated and went and basically tried hooking up w someone else but I caught the messages pretty early. Llliiikkkkeee if i acted like i never knew, they probably wouldve fucked by now.
He says he loves me and crys when i sound like I'm ending it. He holds me and says he doesn't want to lose me. I don't know what to do. I love him but I'm so tired of trying and feeling like shit at the end of the day.


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  • Ur bf seems... A little younger for his age... Yea he does like you but he is acting like a kid. Man him up :)


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  • Firstly, why would you live with an ex and a current bf, that ridiculous. Secondly if your bf tried to cheat but you caught him then he's a loser, sorry but why would you want a guy like that. If you are stressing about the situation then get them both out of your home and work on maling yourself happy.

    • My mom is letting them live there. I've already asked her to make them leave and she says give em a few months

    • Put your foot down, or can you move out? It's not a healthy environment from the sounds of it.

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