Tips for dealing with a bad breakup?

As the title states, any methods that you have found to be useful?


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  • well its best to get rid of everything that would remind you of the ex. Hide the pictures.
    Very very important here... STAY OFF OF FACEBOOK,,, Instagram and Twitter, or block the dude on those sites. Because if you don't, your going to look, and all ex's do!, they go on Facebook to see what their ex is up to and end up getting jealous and angry that their ex may be having fun or is doing better than them. Block the guy online it helps. Seeing that stuff whether its good or not is just going to make you feel bad about yourself.
    If you want to get over the guy, go out with friends alot, see movies, go to a club, block the guy online, and work.


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  • get surrounded by the ones you love


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