Please help. I can't get over my ex gf yet!!?

i think about her almost everyday and yes i keep myself busy but memories hit me. she seems be fine without me. she's always showing off how she's moving forward. I don't react to it but inside im dieing.

What can i do? i want her back before she finally moves on with these guy she's talking to!!


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  • The reality is, it's going to take time to get over her. You could try talking to other woman or just laying of woman for a while. To me it sounds like you liked her more than she liked you, that's why she got over you faster. Think about you this way, you guys had some great times but things don't always work out, thats life. So you darling are just going to have to tell yourself to get over her, everyone deals with break ups differently. Doesn't matter how long you take, just give yourself time to process and deal with it. You'll be fine, good luck :)

    • i did love her a lot and well to me she sounds like she's forcing herself to move on because she had told me she was too attached. I guess she's trying to replace the love that i gave her. Thank you for your support :)

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  • I know how you feel.
    If you want her to come back, simply cut all of the communication off.
    If you are texting her, stop. Don't call her, don't send her any messages on FB, don't talk to her friends about her or try to reach out to her in any way or form. She has to experience your absence in order for her to miss your goodness, your masculine core and feel your strength through you moving on with your own life and goals without her.

    Things happen. Sometimes when you screw up, there is no chance of getting her back, however, if you try reaching out to her after a break up (specially if she dumped you, which it sounds like she did), it will only make everything worse. You will come off as being needy and begging her for attention. This will turn her off and remind her why she dumped you.

    Turn around and never look back my friend. She might just miss you again and reach out to you.
    If she sends a text, don't respond right away or she will notice you really aren't that busy with your own life, that you are still very desperate for her. Something to do is if you receive a text after 7pm, don't answer them. Wait until 2-3pm the following day to respond. If she says something like, "I miss you." say, "Hey baby, I miss you too. It's great to hear from you. I'd love to see you. When are you free to go on a date with me?" Hang out and have fun with her. Only use your phone for setting up dates. You run a higher risk of screwing things up or making little mistakes with her that will lower her attraction for you.

    I suggest you watch Corey Wayne's videos on YouTube. They are very insightful.

    • Thank you man. i am trying my best to get over her. As every day goes by, i feel less attracted to her. She will regret it someday but i think it will be too late by then. I have stopped all communication for 2 weeks and i'll sure take a look at those videos. Thank you for your time

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  • So first of all you need to take a break from the dating world for maybe about a few weeks. Treat yourself to something special and talk to other people who have been through similar problems like this. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT contact her (it will just make things worse)! Try to get out of the house and be with people that make you feel happy.


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