I Really need advice on this breakup?

okay, for starters, before we both got together we were both very depressed and when we got together we kind of saved each other. we were each others "first" and first love. we were really young, 14 and 15, and were together for almost 5 years. the breakup was 5 weeks ago. he said he was tired of us fighting over small things and the drama in my house with my dad and his girlfriend. we are attempting to be "just friends" at the moment, but he recently has been ignoring all of my texts. at first he was flirting with me and now he just sends 1 worded texts, but that's him (he personally doesn't like to text) I try not to text him too much, but it is really hard not too. we have hooked up 4 times, which is stupid on my part I know, but I don't regret it. I want him back. so any advice would be awesome. thanks.


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  • If he's ignoring you now, he's probably trying to move on. You should do the same because hooking up with an ex, just leads to more problems! Especially when you two haven't even been apart that long. You need to have the courage and strength to tell him no and that you can't keep doing this to yourself. In all honesty, you really should limit yourself with the amount of contact you have with him. You need to move on and start taking care of yourself now. When my girlfriends go through their breakups, I tell them to delete and block the guy from everything! Not just for his sake of keeping your life private, but so that it deters you from thinking about the past. Look ahead, not behind. Maybe this separation is just what you both need! Anyways, good luck! :)

    • thanks. I just feel like he was "the one" so its making it extremely hard to move on. I still him just as much as I did 1 year ago and I just feel like im not making any progress. im too weak to not talk to him. he's like my bestfriend.

    • I totally understand hun! That first love is like no other... but what helped me through mine is realizing that if I keep giving into these temptations of being near him or talking to him, I'll never get over him therefore, he keeps a power over me. The only way to get that power back is for you to want it bad enough, for yourself! I know it sucks in the beginning! You just want to hear all that romance talk that, "oh, he'll be back once he realizes that he lost someone so incredibly great..." blah, blah, blah... but when one of my friends gave me this tough love speech, I knew that I was better than my ex. I knew that I had to get my power back. So I did what I needed to. I blocked and deleted him from everything. When I thought about going to check his fb, I would remind myself that that would still be giving him power. It takes some getting used to, but in the end, I've never regretted it

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