Should I end the relationship with him?

He's shown me in a matter of days he is untrustworthy and unreliable. He's trying to fix it and make it up to me, but I feel like the spark is gone. Should I just cut him loose? Or should I let him try and fix the relationship. I still care about him a lot, I just don't want to be with someone I can't trust.
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  • i think you should try and let him fix things but it should be his LAST chance! if he shows you again that he is not reliable end it.. but i think the fact that he is trying to fix himself and his mistakes is very sweet and shows he cares a lot:)


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  • give the dude one more chance see what happens and confront him about it if he blows it cut him loose

  • i think you deserve better than him...
    you're feeling empathy not love
    cut him lose

    • Thank you for writing. It is greatly appreciated during this tough time for me.

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