Is Timing really an issue for guys or is it just a line? Guys help would be so much appreciated!?

Hi guys thanks for taking a look at this, it's causing me some distress and I would appreciate total honesty :) So I had been seeing a guy for about 2 months, we were having an awesome time together, dates were great and so much fun! Then he broke it off, said that he wasn't ready for a relationship, that it was nothing to do with me, he wanted time to be by himself, he had been seeing a girl for 3 years, lived with her for 2 and she cheated on him and it came to an end at the beginning of this year and if he had met me before that there would be non question, if he was to have a gf right now it would be me.

So I was wondering if he is being genuine and not wanting to commit to anyone right now, or is he just letting me down gently and what he's really saying is that he doesn't want a relationship with me?

A little background may help: he was super keen at the start, telling me I was gf material and such like, I admittedly was a little guarded to the point that it caused a bit of an issue over texting, he gave out to me for not texting enough, said that it bummed him out so I stepped it up, bearing in mind I'm in the middle of a postgrad and generally very busy! However, after a few weeks he turned around and did the same thing to me, less texty even though he was so into it in the beginning, any ideas why? But when we were with each other it was so good, I had never been so comfortable and at ease with someone as I was with him and he said it was awesome too! So I'm a little confused over the reason he gave for breaking it off and I'm hoping someone, particularly guys, can help shed some light on it for me! I feel like everything he said to be in the beginning lulled me into a false sense of security and he ripped it all out from under me! He text me, thanking me for a favour I did for him and things got a little flirty but I put an end to it before it went to far and he text me this morning apologising and hopes I'm well... so reasonably confused...


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  • In the first place, he should have told you about that other girl. Why did he hide it from you? It is sad that he is behaving like that to you.


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  • When a guy says he isn't ready for a relationship, listen to him. Regardless of the reason, whether he really isn't ready, or doesn't want a relationship with you, neither are positive outcomes for you. He could very well like you, but trying to spare you hurt feelings down the road when you want commitment and things don't change for him. It sounds like he does care, but it cautious not to hurt you or falsely lead you on.


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