End it up or not? Is this a deal breaker?

I really do like this guy and care about him much. We have a nice relationship with lots of sparkles and every fight ends up with kisses and stuff. But I met his family the other day. I have seen that his sister has shaky hands. When I asked him about it he said- she has a social anxiety, she used to have phobias but got over that.
Right now Im thinking... Some of my friends tell me to end it up since I dont need that kind of baggage. And that I dont want my children to have that kind of problems. They even tell me that maybe he didn't tell me the truth. In the other hand- I really love him. Itd a rare kind of a relationship in these days.
What should I do?


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  • Are you prepared to overlook those issues? then go ahead. if not, then break it up.


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