Why do men want to be friends with there recent ex when they like and talk to somone else already?

My ex left me an now he wants to be friends my feelings are still very much hurt. We been on an off for two years and we are eachothers first. I dont get why he be's mean to me. I told him i changed my number after i found out he like someone else and he tryd to get it and askn me to go out with him then gets mad when i say no you found sombody else ask them. Why do he want to be friends with me if we had a bad break up and a emotion relationship. He acts like none of that matters why? Please dnt just say leave him alone i wanna nno whuy do guys do that and think its okay. And dont say he still cares about. if he did he would no be mean to me or say hurtful things.


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  • Women do this too. I was left for someone else. She did it to have her cake and eat it too and to not feel so bad for what she did I'm sure. Cut him off. I wish I would have cut her long before I did. "Love" makes you do crazy shit.

  • Being friends with exgirlfriends is just common courtesy. Moving on is just being smart.

    • But why tho? Please explain from a guys point of view

    • That is why, it's courtesy, it's a social norm. In places where it isn't the social norm they don't bother. The whole "friends after a relationship" thing is BS.

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