If arguing with a woman is like being arrested, does that mean women are more superior than men?

Are women better than men if it seems like if a man argues with a woman, anything he says will be held against him? Knowing I don't believe one gender is more of a human being than the other.

Plus should men be afraid to argue with women, due to this old saying? Knowing that would make it seem like she's using this as to her advantage to run all over him.


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  • The reality that females tend to hold grudges more often is present however males have logic on their side. Knowing what to say and how to say it is key. You should never fear an argument with a woman because fear is the first step to defeat.

    I sound so silly.


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  • This is such a dumb thing to ask I don't even see the point. Many girls are very bad at argue just like many men are as its a skill that doesn't come naturaly to most people.

  • Then why do I always feel like I'm doing the busting, and she's doing the resisting?


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