Boyfriend talks to another girl?

I dated my boyfriend for 5 years off and on. I broke up with him a few times for silly reasons because I was always afraid to get hurt if I got too close to him. One time i broke up with him however he ended up messaging another girl asking to hang out they would tweet at each other and we ended up getting back together. however, they still remained talking to each other. He says they are just friends. I can't get this out of my mind.
I'm just wondering if anything happened with them. If he cheated on me with her i wouldn't be okay with that
He also told people he thought she was hot


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  • You will have to live with it as your poor behavior opened this door. He is not at fault and your paranoia is your problem.

    • do you think he cheated on me with her?

    • No reason to believe so.

    • he told people he thought she was hot

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  • He is back with you, sweetie... he is yours once more. If he really wanted this Other girl, he would have chosen Her over you.
    However, to be fair on your behalf, I will say I can't blame you for being a bit concerned. You are back together, you don't want to stir up this hornet's nest by making it your Bee's wax by bringing up this other Queen bee... I am not seeing a Raised Red flag just yet.
    For now, lay low. If it doesn't seem to be a big problem at this point in time, it is not necessary to mention it. However, if there is something that doesn't smell right in Denmark, then sit him down and tell him how you feel... it wouldn't be fair to you Neither for you have to be stung because he decides to have a hands on with someone who happened to buzz along after you both got in a cozy nest again.
    Good luck. xx

    • Absolutely right here. Acting crazy jealous or bringing it up in the wrong manner will push him out. I speak from experience.

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    • Yeah I kept an eye on it. I'm just scared he cheated on me with her

    • Let sleeping dogs, sweetie... what is important is Now and that he doesn't end up ever in the dog house by cheating on you. xx

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  • Guys check other girls out, it's normal.

    Don't let this eat at you. Just trust him unless he gives you a reason not to.


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