What did I do to deserve a nasty ex?

18 months I've put up with crap, I'm not innocent when he first dumped me I went a bit crazy calling and texting him, then it stopped... now after everything from name calling to putting me down to rubbing new females in my face he's wanting sex, I said name your price I will write a cheque out for you right now to stay out my life for good, I've been called pyscho, crazy and everything else when he's done nothing but spy on me and messaging me in the most ridiculous places, then laughs when I call him up askin him to leave me alone and he's sitting giggling with a girlfriend, I'm done with him in short of going to police I don't know what else I can do, I've deleted his creepy messages so it's my word against his, to top it all sent messages of a concert tonight he was at with a female, I replied that's nice but why ruin her night messaging exes leave me alone, I felt sorry for her , This is the mentality of it he's 28 not 12. My friend says he still likes me I said no that's the actions of hate, how much more have I to be punished for having loved someone? I can't take much more of it if he didn't have my phone number he'd find another way to get at me,


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  • You don't have to 'do' anything, there are just people like that... Karma isn't a real thing either. You're just unlucky to have it happen to you although throughout most peoples dating history they'll generally run into one of them just by sheer probability.

    • A dose of him being lonely because of how he treats people will be his karma a bitter old man with no one but to blame but himself...

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    • I've seen zero 'karma', sure good and bad things happen but that's all it is... they're in no way proportional, consider that a lot of CEO's, government officials and rich folk are all majorly corrupt and living the dream while many hardworking average joes get shat on.

    • Give it time your still young... but don't see what government officials CEOs and soldiers have to do with my question nor did I mention karma in the question... you've went on a rant about god knows what..

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  • You chose poorly of course.


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