My ex is flaunting his ex gf around my family?

So we broke up almost two months ago. We were together for 7 months and fell in love. He brought up his ex a little but more then normal in the beginning of the relationship and it freaked me out. It would come out randomly a few times in the relationship but would reassure me he loved me. Well I end up breaking up with him because I finished college and a really good new job and he had no motivation in life and started to resent me and treat me badly. He was never a party animal and all of a sudden he is a massive party animal and back with his ex.( he said he would never get back with her even if we broke up cause she is a druggy.) I know this because he lives in the house behind me. He is 25 the ex is 20... His younger sister and mine are best friends and he has been flaunting the ex around her ( apparently he looks pretty rough). They broke up because she pretty much cheated on him and they never spoke or saw eachother anymore. Is he just going off the deep end or just a massive dick?


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  • Lol @ massive dick.. he's just off the deep end hon lol.. he's running back to where he fits. i don't believe in leagues but I think you went past his "league". Smile and wish him the best. you seemed to have moved on to better things.

    • Haha thanks :)

    • I wasn't saying that to support you hon, thats the truth. he's outclassed so he's gone immature. i tip my hat to you ma'am, you'll find someone in your "league" lol...

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