When I loved him he left.. Why?

We been always friends but he always saying that he loves me ! when i loved him he left me without reason ,,,, why?


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  • Something changed and I think you know that.
    Don't ask why, don't question the reason. Just move on if you haven't already. You can never really move on, I know that, that one person will always be there, just let it be knowing he lost out on what was, undoubtly, the best thing that could have happened to him. He won't realise it until it is way to late, that is if he realises it at all, a sad characteristic we men have. We don't appreciate what we have until it's gone.
    Move on, find a guy who will stick by you, stand by you, no mattter what and most of all, a guy who will appreciate you for you and love you even when you have those little fights and you hate him.


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  • Sounds confused. Scared. Or he was joking in the beginning (some people have a sick sense of humor). There's several possibilities. Its best to be you and love yourself. It's how the lost get found.

  • this situation kindda like from a manga

    maybe he moved on... was he serious when he said he love you then you didn't take it personally
    hypothetically thinking maybe in his mind he's saying that... saying that so calmly when i already moved on is a buzz kill... just a theory dont take it seriously...

    or maybe he only treat as a little reliable sister

  • Well your kind of vague in your question were you a couple did you even date each other? or were you just friends who had feelings for each other. A bit more information would be helpful in giving a good answer.

    • We was just friends we met in Africa like a month ! Now he is in Canada and i am in Malaysia .. we care about each other a lot !!
      N he always saying we will meet again when we go 2 Africa (July) ! but when i Told him how i feel he got mad n left !! N he dint give me a chance 2 ask him y!

    • I see hmm well maybe you scared him a bit when you said you loved him. I mean it is kind of a big deal to most people when it's said.

  • I think he loved you but then something changed his mind.


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  • Because he's a fool. Only fools leave a person who really truly loves and cares about them. Find someone who'll appreciate the love you give them.

    • And I'm really sorry that happened to you, btw.

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    • Thaaanxxxx :)

    • No problem. Good luck.

  • Hard to say without context but my guess would be

    He loved the chase, and when it ended, so did his affections.


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