Ex girlfriend manipulating me?

So my girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago, this was a painful experience for me.. I decided to cut it short since she "still wanted me, but wasn't sure", it hurt me a lot, since she did this twice last year.. To which she came back to me the whole time. I felt bad and decided to message her to apologize, and do that ONLY, no pleading, and no crawling back, and that's what I did, to which she instantly friendzoned me, I chuckled since I only needed closure for myself. So two days back, I get a message, small talk from her, I went into fitness and got ripped, she asked for some advice, I gave it to her, and she ignored me... The next day, which was yesterday, I got a message, from her once again BUT this time, OUR song... We would listen to it to remind ourselfs of each other, but I just asked her why she's not learning, but in a jokey manner. We spoke but I broke the texting with smileys, but she wouldn't let that stop her, even if it took 30 minutes she would reply... So later the night, the feelings came back unfortunately... I couldn't resist talking to her, but then she shot me with some short messages.. basically yes/no or okay... So it made the pain worse... She ignored my message and didn't go back online, I thought she's probably sleeping, I hit her up a goodnight message for the morning and sure enough, she gets online, says "thanks you too" and that was the end... I don't know what to do. The night of our breakup she actually kissed another guy and said he came onto her, but I know the guy that did it and he actually friendzoned her... Also, a week or so back when I apologized she actually had hearts and love emoticons on her statusses... like 3 hours after my apology. She is also known to be loose like around "friend guys". Can anyone please help me out? ;( I don't know what to do.
Also, we dated once before this time... I always treated her with respect, and made her feel special day and night, she wouldn't go to sleep without me writing her up a paragraph about why she should be the love of my life... She also claimed she never had someone treat her as good as me (which is probably a lie). The first time didn't work out since she broke up with another guy and said she couldn't get over me, but she didn't want to let me go.


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  • She is Definitely Playing games with your head and your heart, sweetie. She is trying to get back into your good graces so she can sing you a song, string you along and in the end, just end up dumping you again to return to her "Loose' lifestyle that she has grown accustomed to.
    I am a wise ol' owl but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see she has had this game plan in mind to rob your heart, stick you with her claws and do her dirty work on you once more.
    Move on, break all contact before you become Really under her poisonous spell. Nip it in the bud, she is blooming in your life all over again but you will only end up a wallflower when she is done with you and in Harm's way... don't wear your vulnerable heart on your sleeve. This She-devil is back full force and full circle to rip it off your arm and stomp all over it like you were her door mat.
    You deserve better... don't let this wolf in sheep's clothing steer you down a beaten path where you have to start over again in finding some comfort.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to help shed some light on this delicate subject.. Blessings...:)) xx

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  • Why on Earth are you allowing yourself to be manipulated by her. You tell her straight up..."Listen, I want us to start trying to get back together. Are you into that or not?" Anything other than an affirmative you should take as a rejection, then say "ok, well. I need to move on with my life... good luck" And do not contact her again.


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