Married but falling in love with someone else?

I don't know what to do. I've been married for 1.5 years. First year was good, but in the last 6 months things have gone downhill. Too much arguing and bickering, minimal affection. No sex in over 2 months. All the while, I've been hanging out a lot with another girl who is amazing and I have better chemistry with her than my wife. She feels our connection too. I think about her a lot, can't get her out of my mind. Fantasize about being with her. What should I do, I'm so confused and feel miserable right now.


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  • Run away from the new girl. Reinvest your energies in your marriage. If you keep talking to the other woman there is absolutely no way your marriage will work. Either that or file for divorce. Those are your only two options.

    Keep in mind that if you choose to end your marriage with zero attempt to work things out, you're setting the stage to repeat this cycle over and over and over again.

    • Pregnancy in the marriage? Young kids?

      Marriage takes work. You are out of the honeymoon stage and need to find your footing. Marriages aren't like a fairy tale, there is no "happily ever after". You're incredibly naive if you think the same exact thing might not happen with this other person.

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  • The logical thing to do is to get a divorce and pursue the new girl. What you will really do is likely different.


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  • Don't cheat. Tell your wife the truth. She will most likely appreciate you in the end for being honest. Hey who knows, maybe this will be a wake up call for her and she'll turn it all around and be the woman that you married again.


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  • You wife must be you priority put the other woman in her place she can be you mistress but she needs to know that your wife is your first priority.


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