I still think about my ex 4 years later?

I still miss my ex and its been four years. We don't talk at all and we live in different cities, but I still think about him. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, we had a bad breakup and he was my first love. we were together for a little over two years, and lived together. i ended the relationship as it got toxic, we were to young and didn't really deal with situations properly.
I have dated since him, but not a lot. I have a really hard time liking anyone and haven't felt the way I do about him with anyone else.
i wonder how to move on and forget about him for good? i dont know how too, but i feel like a crazy person for still having feelings. he contacted me once in our time apart and then blocked me. i feel like i have no closure from this.


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  • That's completely normal. There is no "how to" guide. You just accept he's gone and press on, it fades with time to a point but never completely fades.


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  • You need to get over it and move on because he more than likely has moved on.

  • I still think about my exes much more than 4 years later.

    • Every situation is different, every interaction between people is different.

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