Texting my ex about meeting up… help please!!!?

i wanna talk to my ex and just see him… how should i word a text to him asking if he wants to talk?


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  • Keep in my that there is a reason for the DAYSOFNOCONTACT.., it is there to give and offer time towards yourself and the other as wel, to take the time to thik thigs over, who am I? Where do I stand in life at this point? ... Taking the time to be alone and reconsider things in your own life aned about yourself.

    So, to answer your question: You may want to, but is it wisely to do it NOW? and the urge to want to talk is a good thing, but shouldn't you collect the right words first in your mind instead of over hasting things and drifting further apart?



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  • If it's been a month or longer don't text him to meet up. I know it's hard but just don't. Wait for him to contact you. Guys like the chase.


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