Boys what would you do if you got a new girlfriend but wanted your ex back?

you dumped your ex knowing that you and her had a really strong connection Both physically and emotionally. But you dump her because you're tired of her... You get yourself a new girl thinking you're going to move on but find yourself thinkin about your ex and whenever you see your ex you like her even more and memories start coming back,. Would you stay with your new gf or start talking to your ex again? Hence if you leave your new gf you would hurt her feelings and you don't want to hurt her.


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  • First, I wouldn't dump a person whom I love with my heart just because I'm bored (Getting bored means, you've never been interested fully in that person from the begining).

    Secondly; if that does happen, I'd try not to remember the past because I prefer to live in the present rather than past.

    Hope that helps :)

  • Go home to Gail. 😀 but on a serious note just talk it out with both of them. See where they head is. It's better now than later. I'm pretty sure u n the new go aren't in love yet so it won't be that much hurt


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