Why does ex boyfriend always seem to move on faster than girls then be mean and lie when their ex ask them why?

My ex bf for two years left me out of nowhere and was so mean and rude about it. I didn't understand why he did that so I called him thinking that we were going to get back together like always. When I called everything was cool then he asked why am I calling him. So I asked Is he talking to anyone else and he said yeah after I told him I wasn't going to get mad. But we had just broken up days before. So I just got mad an said have a good life. Because he was acting funny for 3 months before an I knew something wasn't right. We were each others first love an first everything else. So he he text me saying he want to be just cool. That made me so mad. And I told him go to the girl he talk to an he gonna say who like he don't talk to nobody. And he just stopped texting so I called him one morning just to see if he was serious bc I couldn't believe it. An he said he don't want to be on the phone with me if I cry he's going to hang up in my face an just being cruel to me blaming me saying I messed up when I didn't do nothing. So I hung up an he called me the next day trying to get me to go out with him an his parents. I didn't go and he just bung up some body that likes me an said in a insecure way go to him that's what you wanted. I haven't spoke to my ex in 1week last time we talked I cryed because he was around him friends telling me to move on and we cool and he don't like me don't love and he don't have any feeling attached why? In the world is he doing this we been through so much an always we here. He texted me again say how am I an have a seen a movie we were going to go see together n I said no he said he wanted to take me an check up on me for what reason if he has somebody else. What tf is going on?


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  • They're not necesarily mean and rude, it's just that you go from the most precious thing he has to just another girl. That change can be brutal. Also we're acting cold i the girl's trying to get us back or staying friends (realistically that won't happen).
    He's not cruel at all, he simply wants you GONE! It sounds cruel, but as an emotional response it makes sense on so many levels. During a breakup ALL forms of trust are broken for a guy, so after that he holds no obligations towards the girl. EVERYTHING is undone, EVERYTHING.
    So what you girls see as cruel, we see as necesary actions to make sure she's staying out of our lives.

    But his behavior of contacting you is a bit strange... he might just be acting a liitle bit like a dick in adition to wanting you gone.

    • But why does he say 2days befor we break up that I am the love of his life n that he will never leave me we jus went to the freaking fair together like I'm so confused. Why is he trying to be friends with me? Why do guys never want to take the blame an admitted to what they do. It makes no since why he been actin so funny towards me but always tell me I'm the love of his life?

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    • Okay thanks

    • so just forget about him. He's not worth it in my opinion

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