I know I need to get over my ex, its just hard... Some advice on how to forget to love him?

I was with my ex fir six yrs, after his bike accident. He left, I feel so heart broken! I am seven months pregnant and have to of his kiddos. He is fighting me custody for them. I am so heart broken, I think of him all day. I dream of him every night, I wake up and the first thing on my mind is him! He's been gone 2 months! I wish so badly he would just try and fix things but everytime I ask he tells me no no no... how do I move on and forget. It felt like he was my soulmate we planned on getting married. So many things and after his brain injury he had a complete change of heart.


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  • Time is the only healer for a broken heart

  • Just stop worrying about it so much. Feel your sad. Then you'll feel less sad until you stop feeling the sad. Focus on it and you keep the sad alive. It's a strange happenstance; the harder you try the less you get.


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