Are you able to move on from your current relationships without hurt or anger? Are you able to fully move onto a new relationship without forgiving the last person?

#GAGExpertChat Are you able to move on from your current relationships without hurt or anger? How do you go about forgiving an ex, do you need closure or can you move on without it? Are you able to fully move onto a new relationship without forgiving the last person?
This also has me thinking, are you friends with your exes? If a friendship existed before a relationship should the friendship last?
Do you think closure helps you get over someone or is this something we tell ourselves to feel better temporarily


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  • Honestly one of the hardest things to do in life is to forgive someone who hurt you. But I have to say that in the bible god recommends that you forgive other people and the realm for that is not to help the other person, it's to help you. Forgiveness allows you to get over the pain and not have it constantly go through your head and waste your time and wreck your life. And actually one of the hardest things to do is forgive yourself. I still can't forgive myself for certain things and it's a burden. One day I will though after I make up for what I've done. Real talk

    • True, it seems much harder to forgive our selves than other people, but we have to forgive everyone even ourselves to move on properly don't you think?

    • Absolutely, it helps a lot when you don't have that burden in your life

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  • I don't forgive bad stuff, minor things sure, but not unfaithfulness or selfishness.

    The thing is not to be consumed by hatred for another person, even if they screwed you over. I always view them with a mild contempt, but through a courteous smile. I take the lessons from that failed relationship and make sure I learn them. I'm not going to make the same mistakes twice.

    Moving on and trying to do better is the way. No matter what they're doing, even if they go and get a rich man and have kids and live happily ever after in the house next door, I'll stay focused on me.

    Be happy without them, if they aren't around, you're happy anyway. If they are, then you're showing them you're cool without them, it's a dignified way of saying fuck you.

    I think forgiving somebody who tore your heart out is very very weak! But that doesn't mean you have to hate them so much it becomes a negative thing. Just. Fuck 'em.

    • I think that maybe we have to see both sides of the coin, unless the person who broke your heart was mean spirited, they may have acted in a manor that hurt you but not directly. Which is why I think forgiveness, fully, is so important and not weak. When you forgive someone it ins't to say that you don't care what they do, it's understand our part in the role and understanding it just wasn't our path to be with them. Even when someone cheats, it's usually because they are too afraid of walking away and are seeking an escape, usually (though not always) they are not doing it to intentionally hurt you.

    • I can't make excuses for people. Sometimes people exhibit really selfish, inconsiderate and immature behavior. To me this makes them worth less as a person. I don't carry baggage with me to the point I'll go out of my way to spite them, but if they wan't a favor, they can keep wanting.

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