Best way to break up with my bf without hard feelings because I've fallen for a different guy?

obviously this is a delicate manner and I want to know what's the best way to handle a situation where, he knows the guy I'm liking more and how I can lessen this , abate this pain he'll feel. he obviously is sad right now and says he loves me. I hate to hurt him but I'm interested in someone else.


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  • It's going to hurt like hell and he is not going to want to be your 'first reserve' or fall back position. He may put on a brave face but there is no easy way other than to break with him because you don't think your relationship with him is good enough (at this time of your lives). Then wait a few weeks before seeing the other guy.
    This way, if the second guy is not what he seems and it does not work you could in maybe six months have a possibility of re-evaluating your first relationship with a view to making your first relationship good enough. Address what the problems were directly rather than accepting them as unchangeable and needing to look at someone else..


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  • Let him know it's nothing to do with him.
    Tell him you think he deserves a girl who loves him with all her heart.
    Don't start dating this other guy for at least a few weeks - it will hurt him more if you break up with him and jump straight into another man's arms.

    • Of course it is to do with him. She evaluates him as available, yet the other guy is interesting because she does not have him. We as humans do not value what we have until we lose it. Then we are filled with remorse because we lost it. This man if he has any character will make himself better and she will wish, Oh how she will wish, that she never dumped him.

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