Why do all exes girls and guys text you when the break up was very nasty and they were the ones who caused it?

My ex boyfriend called me we just broke up because he was acting funny towards me always judging me for something when he started college. When we broke up I couldn't believe it we been together for 2 1/2 years. Anyways he called me today knowing I hate him because he found somebody else right after we broke up. But I didn't answer. I texted back and told him my number changing tomato so he won't call no more an all he said was word. But I don't understand why he calling me when 2weeks ago he said he do that like me don't want to talk to me again an he likes somebody else. Why is he playing these games or whatever he's doing knowing I'm still in shock and hurt that he did that to our relationship. Please explain to me so I can understand... thanks


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  • Because of yealousy, oftentimes. They deep down miss you, and think hurting you makes it feel better. Because if they're not happy, you sure as hell should be unhappy too.
    And some are just looking to get back at you for dumping the person, even if it was the person's fault. But when that' the case, it tends to be more agressive.

    So yealousy and in some cases simple hatred.

    • But he was telling me he don't like me and don't love an like somebody else I tried too work it out like we always do but he just changed making excuses for 2 months saying why he can't see me or hang out. I do t understand if he feel this was why is he calling me

    • He's rationalizing. He's saying he does not love you to overempathize it both for you and himself. He's trying to make himself beleive he does not love you.

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