Broke up, dated another girl and now I think my ex is even more amazing (no rebound)?

So me and my ex broke up somewhere in March, we had been dating for a year and a half. She was my first real girlfriend and I was her first boyfriend, we were best friends and did everything together.. but her feelings just weren't the same anymore, she didn't have that butterfly feeling when she saw me anymore..

So somewhere in April I decided us talking wasn't working anymore, I decided we had to go our different ways, I deleted her from everything and we had a little fight over it, but she understood I needed to do this..

After a while I started dating this other girl, that was the complete opposite of my ex, she was fun and cute but I knew she wasn't the one for me.. after this happened I only felt stronger feelings towards my ex, that I wanted her back. So yesterday was her birthday and I gave her a text, we immediatly clicked and felt comfortable around eachother. I want to ask her if she wants to go out on a drink with me, but I'm not sure if it is the right thing to do.. I mean could an ex really get their feelings back?


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  • I think the girls still has feelings for you still. tell her that you have stronger feelings for her but just to make sure to break up with your current gf

    • I don't have a current GF, I used to date a girl for a while but we decided that we weren't right for eachother and that we probably wouldn't last long so we didn't even bother. However, dating other girls has made me realise what I had and what I want.. and now I know that I want everything I had with my ex..

    • okay then. Tell her again then. About how you feel about her. Really, I think its fine. also in my opinion I think guys who come forward first are more attractive hehe

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  • Sorry... Before I finish reading this... My ex told me the same exact thing... Literally she didn't feel the same nor did she have that butterfly feeling in her gut when she saw me... That's funny...
    I think you ex could really get her feelings back for you, anything is possible but however you weren't ready for another relationship... I wondered the same thing about my ex but it depends on the person.. There's only one way to find out.. So go for it.. Then again if you're doubting yourself then it's probably best to wait..

    • Well it's not doubt about that I want her back, it's more that I doubt that I'm asking her out too early.

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    • You're right, feelings can come and go.. I think she wants to meet up anyways, but there is a good chance that she'll only want to meet as friends, that would mean it is end of story.. When we broke up she told me what made her feelings change etc. and I wanted to work on it but she said something like this: "I know you do but my feelings already have changed.. I should've told you earlier but for now it's not working anymore.." and she said things like: "I really have a feeling we aren't done yet, but just for now.." however those things probably were said when she was feeling all kinds of emotions so that probably doesn't mean anything..

    • I've been through the same thing... I understand. It's a chance you have to take.. Either it's over for good, or there's another chance it'll work.. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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  • It doesn't sound like you ever lost the feelings :) it sounds like they have always been there. I think you and I have the same habit... Over thinking :P

  • yeah go for it! but just be aware of the possibility that it won't work out good luccckk


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