How can I find out if my ex has any interest whatsoever (long time no contact and I contacted her today)?

I haven't talked to my ex in a long time a half year or something, we broke up because she lost her feelings, later she told me why but she said it was to late to work on things since she already lost her feelings. We dated for a good year and a half, we were best friends and we'd spend a lot of time together.. however I was kind of childish at that time and the breakup has made me realise that my number one mistake was that I did not put my girl on the #1 spot everytime. I was more interested in gaming with friends then meeting up with her and stuff like that.

After the breakup I realised that me talking to her and "being friends" didn't work out for me, I cut all contact and told her not to contact me again wich at that time was for my own sake. I've dated differnt girls and I found out that they did not suite me and that what I accatually wanted in a girlfriend is what my ex girlfriend is..

I contacted her today, it is her birthday, she turned 20 and I'm 19. I want to ask her to go for a drink so that we can catch up and maybe see if there is a spark or not but I first have to find out if she has any interest whatsoever..

How can you find out if your ex girlfriend is interested in meeting up for potentially maybe getting back together.


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  • You said you contacted her today. What did you say? What did she say


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