I'm feeling so lonely all the time.

Since my relationship ended I'm feeling so lonely.. I've never had this problem before I had a relationship but I just miss someone around me whilst it is already 8 months ago that my relationship ended.. I know I have family and friends that love me but it's not the same.. for my feeling I have lost my soulmate, I've had NC for four (!) months and I thought I was over my ex when I met this other girl.. but when that didn't work out I just felt more lonely..

What do I do now..


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  • You'll find someone else. Breakups happen, we get over them even though at the time it doesn't seem that way. You will be ok


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  • Welcome to the club man. Girlfriends can really make you feel complete sometimes and take happiness to the next level. Then when you're single again sometimes it can feel like the polar opposite. You go through patches like this in life, it's good to use them for some self exploration. Don't go looking for a partner when you're feeling unhappy or lonely, for lots of reasons. After a little while you'll be happy on your own, concentrating on a bit of the old personal development and achieving things. Then when you don't expect it, someone will come along.

    • Yeah.. it's like I've borrowed happyness for 20 months and now I have to pay it all back.. The thing is this was eight months ago that we broke up, four months of NC and when I thought I was over her I got a major set back.. Today is her bday and I texted her.. I'm thinking of asking her out for a drink

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    • Well the thing is, we were eachothers both and really I can't even describe how good our relationship was, I can't be the only one that felt like this.. She probably moved on as well and I've dated a few girls.. but the more girls I dated, the more I realised they were not like my ex.. they were didn't fit me like my ex..

    • It's a common quandary but also a personal one. Not even SWAY has the answers!

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  • I feel exactly the same way as you describe! Then we are two haha :/


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