Can I get my ex back, help?

Recently split up with my ex who has been having problems with family and really is not in a good place. Which i have come to realise neither am i n was bringing her down with my own problems aswell and it all got too much for her just now she is also bipolar which doesn't help. I know she still has feelings for me but she says she's not in the right place to be in a relationship and am wondering if giving her space might help her come round as i am deeply in love with her?
Everything was going well till i let my own problems become overwhelming and am trying to fix myself aswell. Hoping there's a chance as i think she is my soul mate


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  • if she is having problems on multiple life fronts, then send her suporrtive non-needy texts. Do not play games, just offer to be a cheerleader, no more that two or three texts a day. she is bipolar, her mood WILL chsnge.

    • Yeah thanks defo need advice from woman thank you

    • can you answer my question?

    • Yeah a lot of problems to sort. Think she is going througha real down phase. If she still has feelings for me will she dventually come around even though she doesn't want a relationship just now

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  • I say both of you should take a time out... work on your problems ya know.. but be sure to notify each other and agree that you will be coming back together again. and when you do, the bond may be stronger. may.

    • Thanks for the advice stayin without contact is the worst thing but sure it might help in the long run just think if i can fix myself i can fix the problem

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    • Just because she asked for a bit of space and if she says she still has feelings for me have to respect her choice for now and let her initiate contact

    • then do what she says... again, it won't be easy but you can distract yourself by working on you. work on that confidence too...

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