Guy still looks at my snapchat stories two months later?

Ok, so this guy and I weren't exactly together but we had something going (long distance super close friendship, and we were talking about a future since we liked each other). We finally had to end it and it's been two months but I check his fb every so often just to see how he is (no contact though and he shouldn't be able to tell)... and I just figured out that he's been looking at my snapchat stories since I never bothered to unfriend him there.
Is that typical two months on? The guy and I realllly liked each other, but it just wasn't a great idea. There was also a misunderstanding where he jokingly put IN LOVE as his whatsapp status and once he explained it to me and we ended things... he left it up for another 30 days or so and then put up this really sad looking photo of him holding his little nephew. Might not be related to me but yeah.
Also - is it cruel of me to leave him on my snapchat? If I unfriend him can he still see my stories? I forgot he was on there...


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  • if you take him off he can't view your shit. just delete him if there is nothing there and you two aren't even friends.

    • I feel awful bc we were best best friends (like Skyped for hours) and liked each other a looot and I still have to stop myself from contacting him to share stuff that's happened etc. So I feel like he's not able to let go of me if he keeps viewing my snap chats. :/ he hasn't unfriended me either apparently.
      I don't mind him seeing them but I don't want to hurt him bc I know from past experiences that he has trouble letting go and it's painful for him to do so. He's been good and not contacted me though. If it's cruel to him I guess I should delete him - if not then meh.
      Thanks for the help!

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    • by the way am planning to post another one about alpha males - I'm talking about the "please someone tell me what you think happened here - thank you!" question. Sorry it's super long :/ I mean, you can answer the alpha males one too lol.

    • yeah sure np. yeah I can see it now hahaa.

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  • You don't like him? Then why did you Skype him so much?

    • No I did, a lot. We talked about a potential future together.
      Lol for some reason every time I ask a question about guys people assume I didn't like them. I don't get it. No offense btw! I'm just kind of confused/entertained by that.

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    • Just tell him that then. He probably needs closure. You. Can't just ignore him. Let him know he messed up

    • I did and we agreed to end things. He still looks at my snap chat which semi surprises me - seems he hasn't unfollowed me on things.

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