How do I get over a guy that I was so happy with?

Long story short he is Korean and I am a white American. His parents objected to us dating because of my race. They pressured him so much until he was forced to break up with me rather than constantly fight with his parents.

In our relationship we were always so happy. I've never been in a relationship like it. We really were a perfect match. But now everything has fallen apart. I feel broken by this. I've been trying to attempt to meet other guys to date but every time I even look at a guy I just think of him.
He says he can only be friends with me. I don't understand how he can just turn off his feelings just because his parents tell him to? He is 27 years old. Its not like we are children. I guess his older brothers girlfriend is Korean and was introduced to him by his parents.. I just don't know what to do to get over him. I just feel horrible no matter how busy I keep myself.


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  • We have it out for you.

    I really don't have anything special or crazy to tell you, I'd just suggest doing stuff you enjoy, and trying to avoid being reminded of him.
    It'll also just take some time, and you'll start thinking of him less and less until you just don't anymore.
    Chin up, soldier on.


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  • you really need to date guys.. it helps a lot to see your value and get perspective. go to ok cupid... have some coffee.

    • dont give up... it will take at least ten dates to really start changing your focus

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  • I am coming from an Asian back ground so I understand this. We are raised with sometimes too much respect towards the elders. And specially the children listen to their parent, specially in matrimonial stuff. If he stood up to his parents I think he could have done something. But maybe he is very traditional in that aspect. Sorry to hear this. But just think it's not meant to be

  • It's not that he doesn't have the same feelings for you that he had when you were dating. A lot of people from Asian traditions have extremely high respect for their elders and parents. That kind of conditioning isn't something you can just suppress. Honestly, I have old relationships that I still can't really get over. It's not easy, and it should never be under your circumstances.

  • Hahah is this even true that HAWT white chix luvin' dem Asian boi ;P
    I thought Asian boi is all the way at the bottom of the food chain.

    • Um yes its true? I've lived in Seoul for 2 years. Asian men are very attractive. I didn't date him because he is a Korean, I dated him because he's a good guy.

    • 4realz? What was the reason u move to korea? Or Asian country ;P

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