Is just talking considered rebounding?

Ok I'm gonna keep this short. I recently broke up with my LTR ex of 3 years about 2 months ago and almost a a week after I began talking to a new girl I just met almost immediately. I still care for my ex because I loved her for 3 years. I have been told that moving on fast is signs if a rebound. My question is simple I guess. Is just talking in a flirtatious manner considered trying to rebound. I do spend a lot of time with this new girl sense we live in a dorm together. I feel sorta guilty so help is appreciated


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  • Same ! Are you still in love do you find yourself thinking about your ex when you are not preoccupied with this new girl, While your alone does your mind go to your ex? do you miss her? Does this new girl make you feel happy and make you forget your ex? If you answer yes to most of these then it certainly is Rebound.. a lot of people dont realise they are actually using another person as a victim for there own desires.. To get over an ex from a long term relationship will take a lot longer than a wk and since you started talkin a wk after your break these two months ain't gave you your grieving time!!
    I suggest you take time out of any fling and have a few months you time to figure out what you want

    • To be honest since we live in the same dorm the only time I'm not with her is at night. I loved my ex but she hasn't been giving me space which is annoying. But I still care about her

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    • Thats why you need you time.. you need to adjust to who you are being single.. go out with your mates do single guy things have fun find yourself and when you do you will know what you truly want.. Yeah it suck my heart is still broken but im using the time to heal and become me again. even tough he rubs it in my face on social media etc. how much happier he is etc !! well when it all fall for him i won't be there to pic up the pieces because i get stronger every day.. i know i ain't gods gift but he has downgraded with this new girl she ls manly and horrible lol.. just stop contact and go out n have a guys night out etc

    • Thank you for the advice

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  • Of course you care for your ex, but the real question is, are you in love with her? Are you still grieving the breakup? If yes is your response to either question, then, honestly, the new girl is a rebound.


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