Why does my ex call me when he told me not to call him and he doesn't care about me then get made when I don't answer? So confused HELPPPP?

My ex bf broke up from a 2 1/2 year relationship two months ago we been fighting a lot because he started acting so weird, insecure and sneaky. We got into a bad argument an I thought we were going to work it but when I called to see he told he he don't love me don't like me and has no feelings for me and not to call him. So why in tf is the creep calling me and texting me. Some help here I need some real explanations.


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  • The simplest way to find out why he's calling you, is to answer. He'll tell you straight up. Even if he beats around the bush for a while, he will still have to say something. If he broke up with you and said that he has no feelings, then he definitely doesn't love you. But I'm pretty sure that he still has feelings for you as everyone would agree with.

    • Yea i broke it off wit him bc he was just actin strange an was really mean to me for no reason that day. I was trying to take him out for his bday an he just started being mean making up excuses. But he's callin me for what reason I don't know... like what am i supose to say to an ex that told me he liked sombody else right after we broke up. And he is calling me

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  • He likes you, probably love but something is keeping him from committing. Any chance you where making plans to move in together or engagement talk more then normal before the break?

    • Yea we were talking about moving in but that's all he use to talk about to me. And I don't understand wym by commit because he is talking to Somebody else so if he felt that way then why would he put me through this

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    • Try not to be to hard on him. Breaks ups are never fun for anyone event he person doing the breaking. If you were together that long I can almost guarantee he probably had strong feelings. All the on and off and thoughts of a serious long term commitment at such a young age probably got to him. We tend to run from the things that scare us. I am not trying to make excuses for him and I am sorry for your heart break. Just understand he is just not mature enough to be ready for the kind of relationship you want. Even if he was before something has stirred him up and he feels the need to roam to be safe. He still cares he is just confused so try not to be hard on him. You seem pretty tough and trust me I know it sucks but you will make it through. We have all been there its not easy so I wish you the best of luck.

    • Aww thanks lol I kicked him to the curve I'm not going to let someone run over me. Im to good for that thanks for all the help... I'm moving on..

  • My ex was like you. I hope he bothers you more... Still don't you understand? He still loves you! But you don't care about it. Foolish boy. Evil girl... I think he is regretted. Maybe you can give him one more chance? To try him?

    • Yea maybe but he said some means things to me for no reason. He pushed me to break up with him. So I don't fully understand why he does this?

    • Why don't you ask him about that? You know, we can not really know it.

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