Really awful break up?

Lived with a girl for a year, really loved it and her but started to act shitty towards the end. Lied about some things and actually stole money, something im not proud of. Basically lost all trust.

Broke up, totally fair and understandable more than actually but we were both open to the idea of speaking and seeing what happens later because I clearly need to work on myself and get some help for my problems. And we both love each other not just as bf/gf but as friends as well.

Now suddenly she never wants to speak to me again, drags on angry conversations when we werent even supposed to be talking and if somethin happened to her that day involving me, like adhere to the not talking part. Its already over. Dont text me at 2 am complaining, am i right or wrong by thinking thats odd.
Also, 1 week ago she loves me, 1 week later she said she cares about me the same way she cares about socks.

I just want to know should i even bother thinking about letting life happen with her later to even begin to talk again possibly. Or just say fuck you, you can't accept my mistakes and allow me to fix myself, why would i want you around?


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  • She may have had this change of heart, changed her mind, sweetie.. perhaps someone close to her, family, friends, have talked some sense into her head that it might be best to Not----Speak to me again.
    I realize you did wrong, you have admitted the error of your ways, which I find is commendable. You have even stated that you 'Need to work on myself and get some help for my problems.' This is truly the first baby step in starting your life over.
    However, if she is acting this way, even after being something different yesterday, it could be too she has done some soul searching. But more than likely she had some help of her own on the outside to help her make a decision and this id the Decision she has come to right now.
    Let her go for now. She has her own motives and reasons. Concentrate on your own life now. Perhaps when you have begun your beguine in helping yourself and are trying hard to get it together, you can prove to her and everyone that you are a changed man... and with this, you may not want her then anyways.
    And if she has had another change of heart, has cooled down and starts to come around again, perhaps 'No angry conversations' wouldn't hurt any any... it would be a good place to start.
    Good luck. xx

  • Yeah, she's still angry. She trusted you and you fucked her over, big time. No doubt, she wants to forgive you because she misses what you had.
    But, you broke her trust and it's hard for her to just move on and forget all that- just 'cause you said "sorry babe, I'm ready to be good again... Promise ;)"

    You should definitely move on, if you're not even willing to be understanding of what she is going through and have the cheek to be upset about what you caused.


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