My girlfriend won't text me back? Why?

My now ex girlfriend has been battling depression for several months and I stayed by her side through it all. But just recently broke it off with me because she didn't want me involved in this anymore because she thinks sh's hurting me.
This is her text: "I care a lot about u and I miss u. Im done hurting u and I don't want to hurt u anymore. Were done"
Now she's not texting me back? Why?


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  • It's hard to deal with someone who is 'Battling depression,' nickk, and unless you were prepared to be her Enabler, her life line, her life long support hose, there is no telling how long this could go on. She may or may not be on meds, which is desperately needed in a delicate depressed condition like this and even on This, there are moments when the drugs aren't helping, they need to be changed, and then there are those who no matter what they take... nothing seems to work.
    My sister, who battles anxiety and depression, has had this for years, has a close friend who is in worse shape. Her husband just left her awhile ago and two weeks ago she was forced to move in with her sister. And with something as tragic as someone who you believed would always stay by your side, her life will most likely go down in the trash tubes forever now...
    Leave her alone for now. When she writes you all of this, she doesn't want you to see her like this, be involved in her life when she is having so many problems dealing with it herself. The best thing you can do for her right now is respect her wishes... she loves you enough to want the best for you, not have to spend your days nursing her back to what may never be health again.
    It takes a special person to deal with a depressed loved one who is this bad off. Of course, many loved ones do stay and put up with it but it isn't easy... this may not have been in the cards for you to hold in your life... or at least right now... it's a tough nut job...
    Good luck. xx

    • I appreciate this. Yeah its really hard. She's really overwhelmed right now. I gave her a 2 week break so that she could have some time with her family and friends and just started reconnecting last week. She basically just said its over and when I asked why all she would ever say is "its me" or "just blame me." Now she won't even text bck. My fear is that she got drunk and hooked up with someone else and she's now feeling ashamed. But ill never know until I talk to her

    • If you know for sure that she did the pie eyed thing and just so happen to get hooked up with someone that nite, then you are seeing another side that sometimes alcohol goes with this depressed state as well... you need to beware of this too... Along with my sister's anxiety and dpression, she has been an on and off drinker for years... that can be even tougher than the mental issues, believe me... I think you deserve better. I see a problem child pattern that is starting and she will always be feeling ashamed of anything that might happen and hide from your or try and hide her flaws... xx

    • Thank you, nickk, for allowing me to help here.. blessings...:)) xxoo

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  • She has done something she wasn't supposed to probably... like maybe found another companion? She's only hurting herself with battling depression so I don't understand any other reason for her to say that.

    • No im 100% sure its not another guy. She's been like this for a month. She feels like the shit she is going through is having a negative affect on my life

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  • She broke up with you over text? Dude move on a girl creating her own drama isn't good, yeah depression is a bitch but its an iternal battle that is done by the individual. To no have the respect for the relationship to even call you or break up with you in person says a lot. You just got a major

  • Trust me, bro... when someone is depressed, there is nothing you can do to help them.

    This is an internal thing that she has to handle on her own.

    Consider you broken up with her, and start searching for a new girl when you're ready.

  • Depression is something you have to deal with yourself. You might think being there for her like a rock will help, but if it's bad enough; it's not that she won't appreciate it, it just won't help really.

    It's best to leave her be. In as much pain as she's in right now, worrying about your feelings and feeling guilty about dumping you isn't going to do her any favors. She needs as little pressure in her life as possible right now.

    She says she's done hurting you, possibly she hooked up with someone. But that's not for sure. Depression kills your self esteem and makes you think that you're the problem, everyone else would actually be better off if you weren't here.

    Depression really is a motherfucker..


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