Was my ex jealous or angry?

I've know Dan Bilzerian a celebrity icon for a long time and my ex found out that I had been talking to him. My ex started to become really blunt with me and quite rude. I confronted my ex and said that we shouldn't be probably speaking if he's got a girlfriend (my ex) and he didn't agree to at the time, saying that I wouldn't mess up his relationship. When he found out that I had been talking to this Dan guy, my ex told me that I was really annoying and that we shouldn't speak. A few weeks later, he got in contact with me again. I am unfortunately still quite in love with my ex as we did date for about 2 years.


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  • Hehe yeah that's kinda the phase of jealousy, regret, anger, pity feelings get mixed up. Are you the one who broke it off?

    • Why though if he's already got a new girlfriend that he supposedly loves? The break up or the conversation sorry?

    • Break up I mean... did u stop it?

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  • Many times just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" that still Marks an X in his own heart, as well as your own, with a soft spot yet, in your case it is almost as though you both are these two birds of a feather that Still stick together and you are allowing him to Still----Become really blunt with me and become rude.
    If you stand for this, you will always be stooping for whatever poop he decides to throw your way. He has this girlfriend, yet he persists and Insists on messing up your happy haven by bringing Strife into your life, sweetie... time to take back your Life and be your own straw boss with this Commander and Chief who seems to think he is in control of the ship and his EX mate.
    Tell him to buzz off, that your 'Celebrity icon' is None of his bees wax. If you don't put a stop to the madness then he will feel he can get away with it anytime he wants to and even may go as far as to throw a Big monkey wrench into something he could end up saying to not just Dan But----Some other man.
    Maybe your heart hasn't moved on from him, but the best way to forget him, for it seems he wants he wants his cake and eat it too on his end, is no contact... I smell trouble in Denmark with this schmo from Idaho.
    Good luck. xx


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