Girlfriend of 1 month deleted me on Facebook and has stopped contacting me?

Really pretty down after this, one minute she wants me to live with her now she's completely blanking me. I've stopped messaging her now as I don't want to seem desperate. We got a long so well, didn't see each other too often as she has kids.

Why could she be blanking me all of a sudden? I've asked her if she's still interested in me and completely ignored, she could have the decency, as a 25 your old mother, to let me know she's not longer interested...

Just really gettin me down as this is a lovely girl.


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  • Planning to move in together after one month.

    y'all are bloody nuts.

    Hmm, basically, this was a fast reaction relationship, it burned hot therefore fizzled out quickly. Next time take things slower.

    Also, yes, it would have been nice if she told you that she was not interested, but people are cunts.

    • i think she was just jokin, it was more like, ''you may aswell move in now'' do you think there is a chance she will contact me if i dont contact her, she has a pretty stressful life dealin with her ex, who she has a restraining order on. i think she may have been stressed and i kept messagin her why hasn't she contacted me etc

    • I don't know, because I don't know what else is going on in her life, I doubt it though. As I said, it seems like it was a fast burning relationship that burnt out quickly.

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  • Clearly she's not a lovely girl if she doesn't have the decency to let you know what the deal is.

    Move on man, it's over. You feel bad right now and that's normal. Everyone goes through this. Find someone you really like and they drop yaw ass and you feel like shit. Find someone you don't end up being so keen on and you have to dump them, as a result you feel like shit. The good news is you start to feel less bad about it once it's happened a few times. You move on easier and quicker. It's the way of the world man!


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  • Maybe she is hinting she wants to end it

  • We probably realized it's moving way to quickly


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