Do rebounds have to be official?

Ok so I just got out of a 3 year relationship with my girlfriend that I loved for a long time. I met a new girl in my dorm a week before me and my girl broke it off. I ended the relationship. I'm slightly confused on the rebound aspect of new relationships. Even though me and the new girl have been talking for two months right after the break up and flirting is that a rebound of I have not made it offical. It's sorta an awkward situation cause I don't want to hurt my ex and jump right into a new relationship. But the girl clearly likes me and I like her. So do rebounds have to be official relationships?


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  • You can move on, but rebounds rarely work


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  • do rebounds have to be official? do you mean like officially made known that it is just a rebound? OR official in the sense that she is officially your gf?

    I think either way you just play it the way you want. your ex gf shouldn't really factor into your decision aside from the fact that you respect her and not rub it in her face or hook up with one of her friends. but aside from that your personal life is just that, personal, and while it may sting to know you are hooking up with someone it's really up to you.

    just try to be discrete and respectful of the ex


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  • That is a rebound. There is no "official status", there is only what you are doing and your actions dictate the reality of things.

    • That's what I've been wondering. Cause even if I did wait to make it offical say in a month or two it would still be the same relationship right? Renound begore and after we made it known to everyone

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