Is what I did really that bad OR he just doesn't want to work it out?

I broke up with my ex bf because I didn't trust him and was not happy because he spent more time with his friends. So I broke up with him then took it back the next day because I loved him and was sorry. He would not let that go. Saying "Why did you say it?" "But you wanted to break up?"
I said I was sorry and people make mistakes. I FEEL what I did was not that bad because I was willing to work on it.

So he finally break up with me saying "You dont trust me thats unforgivable" I said "Everythings forgivable when you love someone, people take their cheating partner back all the time even when they should not" We agreed to be friends.

2 weeks later I said "I love you and we should work it out"
He said "I dont think its a good idea"
I said" Alright" After this I thought we were done until he texted me 5 days later

"Hey beautiful"

I told him its best we dont be friends.
He said "So your sweeping me under the rug" "Im just fine with being friends"
I said "I just love you too much to be friends with you"
He said "So you need time?"
I said sure
He said "Just dont never talk to me again


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  • With all due respect, you fudged him about... wanted him to do/feel how you did, when you did.

    my advice, just try and move on


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  • Yea, its really that bad... you were wishy washy. plus i think you made your intentions clear on at least 3 counts..
    1) you are mad because he wants to have personal time
    2) You acted by breaking up with him (thats a huge deal) then you come back the very next day...
    3) when he contacted you "hey beautiful" he was over the whole issue... and was willing to come back, then you did the normal girl thing "its best if we don't be friends" that was the kicker. you basically shoved the breakup in his face. we don't like that.
    Frankly i dont blame him for cutting you off completely. for a guy, he had a lot of patience and even tried coming back, just for you to be an ass to him again. you made it clear you didn't want him, he moved on. Questions?

    • I was hurt I am sorry for that. I didn't shove the break up in his face I was just confused because when I tried to work it out he said " I dont think its a good idea" So I took it as were not getting back together. So when he texted me "Hey beautiful" I was confused because he basically said no. A few days later I told him I think we should not be friends because I wanted a relationship and he wants to be friends.

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    • lol No?

    • ok... fine

  • You must have REALLY hurt his feelings when you broke up with him. It was a terrible decision on your part


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  • I wouldn't stay with a guy who flip flops like you did. Not to be mean, but you broke up with him and then took him back the next day... thats just playing games in my opinion.

    Also, I disagree with this statement. "Everythings forgivable when you love someone, people take their cheating partner back all the time even when they should not" ... I would never take back or forgive a cheater.

    • Some do.

    • oh yes, some do. Some people can forgive almost any offense.

      But some people can not, maybe your boyfriend is one of those people who can't.

    • As I am seeing.

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