My ex and I had a really messy break up?

We had a really messy breakup. He dumped me and I (unfortunately) desperately pleaded him to take me back or be my friend. After the depression part of the breakup I would fluctuate between anger and friendliness. I understand he's really annoyed with me and needs time away from me. I'm not going to talk to him for 30 days until I initiate contact. However, how do I make him miss me? I've improved my appearance since the breakup and I've been working on myself since. Our last contact ended with me telling him to message me when he wants to because I will always be there for him and thanking him for everything he's done for me. He read it and didn't respond. I repeat, I won't talk to him for 30 days but how do I make him miss me? or curious about me? He sees me everyday at school but I don't look at him or talk to him… Is it best to smile and say hi? or just laugh with my friends and not even look at him until the 30 days are up? What else can I do to make him miss me?


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  • I'm sorry, it's the only thing you can do, to cut contact with him. It's more about preventing you from doing things that will NOT make him miss you. If you're always there, talking to him, he will not miss you because you're not truly gone. Unfortunately, even if you go no contact, there is no guarantee he will miss you, that is something out of your control, I know it is hard to accept.

  • Bravo @potoobird! There is nothing you can do to make him miss you. And, you should not want to make him miss you just as you would not want to make him like you or love you. People feel how they feel and we put forth too much effort to change things about that. If I don't like you 'naturally' and I like you because you're trying really hard and changing your appearance, etc., the reality is, I like the effort and attention and you better be on that game all the time.

    Have confidence that you can find someone else who will like you for you. And I say this as a certified relationship coach that's done this for years. Read my article on called "You Can't Make Me Love You"


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