Should you text your ex or wait for them to text you?

My boyfriend and I made plans to go out but we ended up getting into an argument and he broke up with me. I was completely heartbroken.

The next morning he texts me to ask if I was ok and started talking about why he broke up with me. We were discussing it but he was busy with something and told me he would text me if he had time. It's been three days. :(

I know he truly was busy but it's been three days. I don't want to sound like a fool and text him first but at the same time I'm sad and furious for his reason of breaking up with me and then telling me he would text me later. I've been crying everyday and hoping I'd get something from him.

I don't understand why he would tell me he would text me later. Should I text him? Or continue waiting?


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  • You should move on.


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